Trade, Industry and Labour

Ongoing Projects

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Completed Projects

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Our priority areas

  • The need for a mandatory reporting of Sustainability report (Non-financial report)
  • Competition policy in India
  • IPR regime in India
  • Government procurement practice
  • Assessment of India’s implementation of the Labour laws that it has signed part of ILO and Labour law reform
  • Study of the prevailing labour standards in local and multinational companies in TN
  • Study of the trade union practices in TN – its effectiveness, labour standards, wage levels, worker productivity and worker integrity
  • Impact assessment of SEZs in TN
  • Impact assessment of the FTA signed with S. Korea
  • Deliberations on the Free Trade negotiations between India and the EU
  • Land acquisition and rehabilitation bill
  • Land survey in TN – a study which would facilitate policymakers to have a land use policy for agriculture and other different sectors