Foreign policy

Ongoing Projects

  • Reviving India – Nepal Relationship
  • A Report On India – Taiwan Technological And Economic Cooperation

Completed Projects

Our priority areas

  • India’s role as a global actor
  • Vision paper for developing a long term policy* towards every neighbouring country (Pak, SL, Nepal, Bangladesh) and every region (SAARC, Middle East, Latin America, Africa, ASEAN) and every major economy (US, China, Russia, Japan)
  • Shaping India’s foreign policy in the 21st century
  • Sovereignty tradeoffs and international institutions
  • Humanitarian intervention – revisiting India’s stance in need of the broader role India should play as a global actor based on its values and its strategic goals
  • India’s nuclear politics
  • The state of India’s defence industries
  • Geo-political implications of resource distribution
  • The states’ role in framing India’s neighbourhood policy