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Seminar on “Road Maps for Accelerating Nepal’s Economic Progress”, 10 – 11 th November 2016

On 10th and 11th Novemeber 2016, at the India Internation Centre, New Delhi, the Indian Institute of Public Policy (IIPP), Chennai in partnership with ASSOCHAM, Embassy of Nepal in India, Institute for Strategic and Socio-economic Research, Kathmandu and Nepal Chamber of Commerce organised a seminar, which brought together business leaders and experts from both countries to focus on innovative approaches and technology options which could help Nepal achieve speedier progress in key sectors like infrastructure, connectivity, hydropower, tourism and small and medium industry. The summary on the event is the press release and the detailed event report is on preperation.

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A round table event on Fast tracking Nepal’s economic recovery and development in Kathmandu, 5th July 2016

Nepal is heavily engaged in post-earth quake reconstruction work, focusing on rebuilding thousands of schools, health posts, buildings, cultural heritage sites and private buildings, among others. Massive reconstruction work and existing need to build new infrastructures has opened up new opportunities for investors from within and outside the country. With the new constitution committed to accelerate economic growth and prosperity rooted to equity, inclusion and self-reliance led development, there has been an urgency to overhaul or bring about drastic shift in the development paradigm and strategies. With this background. Against this backdrop, Indian, Institute of Public Policy (IIPP) alongwith Nepal organized a round-table talk on “Fast Tracking Nepalese Economy Recovery and Development: Space for Innovative Approach” on 18 July 2016 in Kathmandu. The objective of the programmewas to identify long-term development strategy goals aimed at fast-tracking Nepal’s economic recovery and development, and transforming Nepal into a middle-income country status by 2030. The details of the event shall be found in the following links

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Stake Holder Constitution Meet – Enegry Efficient Motors – Coimbatore, 29 th May 2015

On 29 May 2015 at Coimbatore, the India Institute of Public Policy (IIPP) along with Thiagaraja Engineering College (TCE) and with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) had organised a stakeholder consultation meeting to understand the present practices energy efficiency of motor manufacturers and consumers of motors - SMEs and large industries. The event had participation from various motor manufacturers, SMEs, auditors and large industries on the problems they face.

Cheyyur 4000 MW UMPP – Financial Analysis and Study Report Press Release and Panel Discussion.

The Indian Institute of Public Policy commissioned the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis for a report that concluded that electricity from Cheyyur will not be affordable for consumers in Tamil Nadu. TANGEDCO currently has accumulated losses of Rs. 14,000 crores, and revenues of Rs. 4500 crores of which a bulk is by of subsidies by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

If the Cheyyur project is permitted, the excessive tariff rate would have to be covered either by increasing tariffs (politically sensitive) or by handing out subsidies (financially disastrous for the state). Read more about the report and the official statements from experts such as Mr. K C Sundaram (Director, Indian Institute of Public Policy), Mr. Nityanand Jeyaraman (Environmentalist), Mr. Jai Sharda (Managing Partner, Equitorials) and Mr. Devasahayam (Retd. IAS and Former Chairman, Haryana State Electricity Board).

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Growth & Environment Conference, New Delhi

Indian Institute of Public Policy (IIPP), a public policy think tank based in Chennai, organized a one day conference on 'Growth & Environment' on the18th of April in India International Centre, New Delhi.

We thought that at this juncture of economic development in India, there needs to be a serious debate on how we move forward without compromising on the environment. This conference would be an unprecedented event with panel discussions, deliberations and presentations, which will bring different stake-holders from all over India on the same table.

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Workshop on Energy Efficiency and Engineering - IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai.

The world today is reeling under various energy related issues primarily attributed to over-exploitation of depleting resources and inadequate planning and design. The Indian Institute of Public Policy (IIPP) with technical support from the IEEE Power & Energy Societies (Madras Chapter) is focussed on energy efficiency issues.

Over the last few months, the Energy & Environment Division of IIPP have been studying the need for energy efficiency and optimisation in motors in the spinning mill clusters of the city of Coimbatore, India. Official and research statistics reveal that energy efficiency alone could lead to several 1000s of MWs power conservation in the state of Tamil Nadu and at large, even India.

This curbs the need to go for expensive power generation. With the existence of such immense potential, there comes the need to fill the skill gap created for engineers who design and build systems which are responsible in their energy consumption, whether electrical or thermal (among others).

In an attempt to sensitise young engineers on the problem of energy efficiency implementation, not just in academic or research areas, but also as an industrial, policy and environmental concern, the 1st workshop on energy efficiency & engineering was conducted at the IIT Madras Research Park on the 7th February 2015. 60 young engineers from 12 institutions across the state participated in the 8 hour long workshop that featured 4 speakers.

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Indian experts brainstorm on India-China issues

Against the background of increasing strains in India- China relations, the Indian Institute of Public Policy, Chennai (IIPP) organized an informal brainstorming attended by renowned former diplomats, scholars and experts on various aspects of the relationship. The meeting, held recently in New Delhi was attended by former Foreign Secretaries and Ambassadors to China including Salman Haidar, Prof Muchkund Dubey, Ashok K Kantha, Kanwal Sibal, Chandrasekhar Dasgupta, K S Bajpai, Yogesh Chandra, Neelam Sabharwal, and experts including Commdre Uday Bhaskar, Gen V Saighal, Prof Alka Acharya, Dipankar Banerjee, Director (IIPP) K C Sundaram and others.

The meeting reviewed the current state of India-China relations, identified specific challenges, opportunities and common interests for the two countries in the context of the evolving global situation, discussed the space for advancing mutual trust, and looked at the role of the private sector, media and civil society to supplement government-to-government interactions in advancing India-China relations. It has been decided that IIPP in partnership with the Institute of Chinese Studies will organize a seminar in Bangalore in the near future with the participation of Indian and Chinese experts on the theme "India-China relations in a changing global landscape"

The Delhi meeting was chaired by former Foreign Secretary Salman Haidar, and convened by IIPP Director for International Affairs K V Rajan.