• Policy Research – Fosters both basic and applied research involving research relying on secondary sources of data and when need arises research for primary data leading to a strong in-house research capacity. Research would focus more on important areas where there is considerable absence of a debate among the public fora and to raise those issues to the top of the public debate. This research ranges from short-term research projects involving a sole researcher to larger, multiyear cooperative endeavors involving numerous researchers. Research is undertaken mainly at the institute’s premises, but often includes sponsoring research in the field
  • Policy Analysis – Participate in the stakeholders’ consultation for new legislative proposals of the central / state government. Work on the Impact assessment of policies introduced by central and state governments
  • Policy Paper – Publishing peer reviewed policy papers, reports, journals and books
  • Dissemination of research findings – Organising events, conference, seminars, lectures, media outreach
  • Policy advocacy – Lobbying with the government
  • Policy consultation – Offering consultation with policy challenges with government, private sector and international institutions
  • Policy entrepreneurship – Offering executive education seminars, training program
  • Furthers its knowledge base by working with leading universities, research institutes / think tanks in India and in the EU predominantly and also in other countries